Feels strange...
...to be roadtripping alone again. And didn't we just get back from the east coast?

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Okay, I'm so very bad at things like this, hence the fact that it is late in coming, but...Happy birfday, Poetrywolf. Hope it was good to you.

Not Good Poetry Day

Hey everyone, as stated above, its Not Good Poetry Day, so without further ado, lets have us some poetry, which may or may not be bad, but is certainly not professional by any definition.


Song to the earth

Mother  hold me,

hold me in your earth.

In the cool soil,

one with the stone.


Away from eyes that see,

away from ears that hear.

Away from throats that cry,

away from hands that kill.


Let my deeds be unsung,

let memories fade.

Let the ages pass,

let the world forget.


Mother  hold me,

hold me in your silence.

In the weighted stillness,

one with the root.


Give me surcease,

give me nothingness.

Give me rest,

give me peace.


No man shall I hate,

no blood shall I spill.

No war shall I wage,

no tears shall I shed.


Mother  hold me,

hold me in your dark.

In the dreamless sleep,

one with your heart.


And there you have it folks. This Not Good Poetry Day was brought to you by the letters w t and f, and the number 42. Hope you all had fun. Really though, I know I don’t post much, ‘specially comparatively, and there are quite a few things needing to be put up, not the least of which is something a bit more insightful regarding Gathering. Honestly though, aside from practical things like email conversing and whatnot, the printed word seems to be beyond the capabilities of this brain right now. Not much has worked it’s way forth, to tell the truth, so instead of anything approaching cogent and considered, you get the spewing of what passes for my inner poet. Keep in mind, I know so little about poetry that I couldn’t even begin to tell you the specifics about why the above piece is Not Good. Also, this is not a plea for help or a sign of mental instability, though gods know I have plenty of that. All this is, is me trying to put words to a mental image that’s been in my head for some years and at least roughed out in one of my sketchbooks. So…there. I guess.

Gathering '08

Back from my first Gathering. It's the first time I've had an opportunity to get online for more than a minute, between having to work as soon as I got back, unpacking, catching up to life here at home, and all such nonsense. So, what can I say? Gathering was...way too many things for me to condense into one sentence. I'm still not sure I have the words for it, like it still has some percolating through my brain to do before I can bring order to everything. I do know this; I am extremely grateful that I went, for more reasons than I'm going to say. Everyone was absolutely incredible. To be surrounded by such mind-blowingly intelligent, educated and aware individuals was at once humbling and exhilerating. Ironically, those I met at Gathering were some of the finest human beings I have ever met. I have yet to figure out if that stems from being animal, or is simply another point of awesome in everyones' favor. Regardless, thank you all. Lynx, thank you for inviting me. I will never be able to repay that gift. And speaking of gifts, I shall burn the candle you gave me as soon as the new room is not so much the disaster that I left, and my meditation altar is set up. Watching, thank you for the green man, even though I was an idiot and left it behind *sad eyes*. I though I had packed it with Lynx's gifts. If it can get mailed out here, then it will have a place of honor in my den. Nona, Horsefeathers, for real

Also, quite seperately, thank you, Kusani, beautiful lioness, both for putting me up (and putting up with me), and for being, well, you. My eternal gratitude, and so much more, are your's, mri'lao. *otoni!* *otoni!* *otoni!*

Colorado is holy-shit-oh-my-god amazing!


A plug...for Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog
 I don't usually endorse things, but I have watched and been amused. My thanks, Mr. Whedon. As its only free to watch until midnight tonight, I highly recommend doing so. At worst, you'll have given away about half an hour of your time. And who knows, you might like it. So, you'll be needing a link, I suspect.

Here ya go: http://www.drhorrible.com/

Of course, like all good entertainment, this has, beneath it's amusing facade, rebellion and sedition. Makes it all the more enjoyable, I say.

Random meme day

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Marking territory
Today, I begin the actual process of moving into my new place. I am moving back to the town where I work and where my kids and ex live. This will save twenty minutes and much gas, plus I will have more space to exist in. This is good. The house belongs to the family of a friend of mine, and while they live in their other, nicer home, he lives there, effectively renting it. I will be sharing a three bedroom, two bath house with one person, for a very reasonable monthly rent. Another friend is coming by today to set up a wireless network for us, mostly so I can use my laptop in the living room. This too is good. The house itself is, well, quite lived in, and has it's share of things that need fixing up, but this is not a bad thing, as I have been known to be quite handy at times. Besides, the fixing of things offers opportunity to take off some of the rent here and there, so all to the better. Last night, I actually went to a large store to look at things for my new home, such as window coverings. The important thing is that I will have my own space, where I am not stuck in a single room, and as long as they can get along with a small and overly energetic dog, my cats will have enough space to be comfortable. Aside from the stress of so much to do on top of an already  busy schedule, I find I am excited at this opportunity. It is everything I have actually needed in a place, even if there are things I would prefer were different. Such details can be worked around or changed later. I'll be here at least another year, since my ex just landed a year long contract and a fabulous new job. Even though we split from each other, we are still parents, and as much as possible, we're both going to be there for our children. So until career requirements demand moving, which they will for both of us, I'm staying close to them, and my new home will be five minutes away, and will have the space for them to come stay, as soon as I make some things safer for small children. Having been over there so much lately, the place is even starting to feel like mine in the territorial sense. My current space still feels like my den, being that I'm still here, but I've started scratching the trees, so to speak, at the new place. So, a belated happy loud-flashy day to everyone, and I'm off to get my move on.


Real quick...
 Pasted from redminx's journal:

Again by request, another compare/contrast. It is something that seems a bit unclear for the most part, so your thoughts would be appreciated.

So define for me if you will: Talent vs. Skill
</a></font></a>jerynn wrote:
Talent: That which allows one to look good while doing something within the scope of said talent. It is potential, found within.

Skill: That which allows one to actually be good while doing something within the scope of said skill. It is the realization of potential, actuation, and must be sought from without.

Generally, I hold my skills, which I have worked long and hard at acquiring, in higher regard than my talents. Skills are a journey, as the path taken to find and cultivate them becomes the journal of one's life. Having a talent isn't enough, it takes a passion for something to make it meaningful. It is this passion that drives one to gain the skill necessary to be better. Talent is most useful when it aligns with passion, and is, I believe, one of the things that makes for greatness in a person.

And time is no man's friend...

Seriously, I believe I may be unworthy of a journal. Five weeks without an update, and the last things I posted were a stupid meme quiz and a happy Beltane message. Blah; blah, I say. Mine is not a life near the computer mostly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but still. So, writing projects, before any more pile up:

Essay on spirituality/emotional maturity
Essay on self interest versus selfishness, and how this relates to relationships
Terole species posts. (Almost done with one, need to flesh out another)
Burning man theme camp conceptual walkthrough (Somehow got talked into helping put together a theme camp, if it gets approval anyway)
Short adventure fiction/fantasy story
Resume update
Grocery/Shopping list for month plus Gathering supplies

Oy, and the irony is that I've never really considered myself a writer...*sigh*

 So, here it is, Beltane, May Day, and so the obligatory holiday post. I can't say I actually celebrated it, but I did do my biweekly volunteer day at our local zoo, so I can say I was close to nature. No flowers though, being that it is a very dry climate here, and only just starting to warm up. I wonder if laying sod counts...?

Ah well, however you spent today, happy Beltane, all.


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